Architecture is both a source of excitement and a refuge. I love the crisp, straight lines, the stark contrasts, the materials. The results are closer to perfection than those from any other method of making. Drafting relaxes me. It washes away anxiety and clears my head. I find solutions while I measure and darken lines. And the rush as you realize that you've almost added the last line to a drawing is better than finishing other projects.

Architecture is my favorite lens with which to view the world. The first step in any design process is to break down human behavior to its most basic building blocks. Each decision from that point on reassembles those blocks so that they make more sense. A good design improves human experience, often in ways that the humans experiencing the design don't ever notice consciously. I like to use this mentality on all my projects - design-related or not, personal or business.

Architecture is assigning order to create harmony. That is amazing.


Intern at Standard Architects

Summer 2010 Designed preliminary plans for a rolling bedroom module and laundry room; compiled presentations for clients; assisted on site visits; organized materials library; worked in AutoCAD. Visit their website here.


Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Summer 2013 Career Discovery Program: Architecture

Brown University

Spring 2015 URBN 1910: Drawing and Creating in 2D, 3D, and CAD for Architecture and Urban Design
Fall 2011 HIAA 0850: Modern Architecture

Saint Ann's School

2007-2011 Four years of architecture and design courses

Career Discovery Program

Project 01 - Traversing Space


Design a sequence of movement through a given space (the tall room depicted is the entrance hall of a courtroom) and along a given path (from one door to the other).
Consider how the character of the space defines, controls, and effects that movement.

My Take:

We used specific personal memories of movement to determine the type of path in this space. My memory was of overcoming my fear of a rock climbing wall. This series of staircases as a path is meant to represent
surmounting one's fear when approaching an obstacle.


Project 02 - Interpolation


Design a shared residence for two individuals with unique spatial requirements.

My Take:

We made configurations of children's
building blocks to determine the flow and underlying principles of our designs. My design focused on circular symmetries with points of asymmetry. The apartments for each client were intertwined in an upward spiral, and the differences between the two residences were unique features specific to the clients' needs - an office space or a guest room, a roof deck or a garden.


Project 03 -
Film, Place and Urban Identity


Design a film archive for an existing site in Somerville, MA. This project addresses (1) analysis of urban sites, (2) development of urban goals, (3) internal programming and spatial logic, and (4) designing exterior spaces.

My Take:

We based our designs off of visual elements from a movie of our choice. I chose Rear Window, and my project tried to create different lines of sight - expected and unexpected, hierarchical and reciprocal.